Glynn Graveyard Rules

The rules are simple, and are designed so that residents of Glynn and Magheramorne may be buried at Glynn Graveyard for as many years as possible into the future. The rules for the purchase of a new graveplot at Glynn Graveyard are:

1. Allocation and purchase of a new graveplot shall be at the time of death. (New graveplots cannot be purchased in advance of a death)

2. A new graveplot can only be purchased in the name of a person who fulfils two criteria:

(A) They must have lived as a permanent resident within the Parish Boundaries of the Church of Ireland Parish of Glynn and Raloo.

(B) They must have Subscribed a minimum of £52 per year to the Parish Funds of Glynn Parish for the three years before the purchase of the new graveplot.

• If the person for whom the graveplot is purchased fulfils “A” (is a resident in the parish area) but is under the age of 18, then the subscription shall have been made by a parent or legal guardian.

• If a new subscriber makes a payment of £156 in addition to their first annual subscription, this will count as if they had been subscribing £52 for the three previous years. However the subscriptions must have been made prior to death. And it will be necessary for a continuous subscription of £52 per year to be maintained in every year after the initial subscription.